Music written on trains.

Castle.Red - A Twitter RPG.

Tweet @CastleNarrator to play Castle Red, a text-based Twitter RPG. Visit to customize your avatar with the items you find. I need to make myself some tools for editing the game's content and then pick this back up, especially now that Tweets are 280 characters.

Washington's Rules - A daily rule to consider adopting.

George Washington had these 110 rules of civility he learned as a boy and kept in mind all his days. This little project shows you a new one of those each day for you to meditate on or whatever. I intend to put more rules from more sources in some day, but content editing tool needed here too. - Shitty 4-panel comics made by you.

Draw the next panel in a 4-panel comic started by someone else, or start your own. Upvote finished comics as much you like. Some of them are hilarious, especially knowing different people usually drew each panel. A few of my favorites: 135 224 322 312 308 300 291 269 134 50 174

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Hello World

A future fiction, told on paper-printed logs, marked up with ink. How crude.

Last Man

The frustrated diatribe of the last man.

The White Room

Many years ago some friends and I each wrote a short story based on the concept of a white room. This take, predictable but hopefully not overly so, was mine.

Stories That Don't Repeat a Single Word

This is a fun challenge - don't repeat a single word in a short story. I wrote a couple. Would love to read others by others.

The MARTA Story

In May 2012 a man decided to give up driving, only ride public transit from an Atlanta suburb, and blog about his dumb experiment. Then things got weird.

Ongoing fiction projects.

A poem

I miss so much of my jettisoned
which I tossed while retaining my
I believe it to be the first thing I've
and learned
I could never

And I've spent a few hours
wondering how I
would live life
if I could pass time
in reverse.
What worse sin
might I amass should I sift
time to lift good;
then wind down mumbling,
to a spent mind?

A selection of koans from The Doorless Doorway

1. This guy asked Josh, an American Zen master, "Does a dog have Buddha nature or not?" Josh went, "Nah."

7. A guy told Josh, "I have just entered the Zen center. Please teach me." Josh said "Have you eaten your pizza?" "Yeah," said the guy. "Alright, go load the dishwasher." At that moment the guy was enlightened.

13. Tony went to the cafeteria with a tray and a plate and a fork. Steve-o was in there cooking, and he was like "It's not dinner time yet, where are you going with that stuff?" Tony just turned around and went back to his room. Steve-o told Greg about it and Greg was like "Tony doesn't really get it."

16. Uma asked, "The world is so big and amazing, why are you coming to church?"

18. Tom was separating out his weed and weighing it on a digital scale when this guy came up to him and just goes, "What is Buddha?" "Another quarter sack," Tom said.

21. A dude asked Uma "What is Buddha?" and Uma said "A maxi-pad."

28. Rob was Tony's Zen teacher and one night Tony just wouldn't stop asking questions. Finally Rob says "It's getting late man, come on." So Tony got off the couch and went to the door, but then he says "Damn, it sure got dark."

"Here," Rob said, and he hands Tony his phone with the flashlight app turned on, but secretly holding the power button too. And so Tony takes the phone and just as he does it shuts down; and at that moment Tony's mind was opened. Tony goes "I'll never question you again."

So the next day Rob is teaching the rest of the people at the Zen center and he's got his Amazon publisher account loaded up on his laptop and everybody's wondering what's going on and then he goes, "One of you has had a realization so profound, I just, I can't even," and then right in front of everybody he just deletes all the e-books he ever wrote about Zen from the Amazon store, then he walks out the front door and he never comes back.

43. Suzan held up her iPhone and said, "If you call this a phone, you oppose its reality. If you don't call it a phone, you ignore the facts. So what is it?" (Marvin's comment: If you think Suzan was just one of those Apple fanatics who insists the iPhone is still nothing short of a revolution, you are both right and wrong.)

48. A Zen follower asked Ken, "If all Buddhas follow the same path to Heaven, where does the path start?" Ken held up his middle finger and said "Here it is."

The same guy goes to Uma and asks her the same question and she happens to have her iPhone with her so she says, "This phone is gonna fly up to heaven and slap Jesus in the face, this phone is like some epic dragons-in-the-sky shit or whatever."

Writings on software dev/project management.


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